Telescopic Folding Usb Fan Portable Remote Control

Dhs. 89.00
  • Deformed electric fan, a comfortable choice for summer

    This is a very good electric fan. It can be rotated, stretched and folded. When you push it up, it becomes a desk fan. Can be used for dining tables, bedside tables and desks. And it also has a flexible telescopic rod that can be extended by pulling upwards, which can be changed according to the usage scene, instantly transformed into a floor fan. At the same time, it can be folded. Very convenient to store. You can put it in a bag or closet and let it "sleep".

    It can work without plugging in the power supply and the battery life is very long

    General electric fans must have electricity. Conventional electric fans always drag the power cord. Once the power is cut off, they cannot be used. This fan is different. It has two charging and plug-in modes, and can be used as usual after power off. The 7200mAh battery can last 25 hours after fully charged. Trust him. Combined with folding function design, it can be used for picnics and camping.

    Nod and turn your head, a wide range air supply

    In summer, the indoor hot air is like a big steamer. In order to let the strong wind spread to all areas of the space, this fan adopts shaking head design, 60 degrees wide angle air supply, front and rear 180 degrees
    The rotary can spread a wide and gentle wind in the whole room, no matter you are sitting or lying down, you can easily find a comfortable blowing angle. At the same time, it can also maintain internal air circulation and promote air flow. Even if you stay inside in summer, you won't feel stuffy.

    Noise reduction technology, quiet sleep

    The traditional fan affects sleep as soon as it is turned on. This naeo loop
    Fan has been processed for noise reduction and works very quietly, accompanied by a gentle wind, allowing you to sleep peacefully all night. Equipped with infrared remote control, automatic shutdown in 1-4 hours. Humanized design, no need
    Working on the ground, it can reasonably regulate the wind speed and switching conditions of the fan, and you no longer have the bad experience of falling asleep with noise and sweating in the middle of the night.