SA-7793 Hot Sale 3000 mAh High Capacity AC/DC Home Solar Energy System with Engery Host 9V 3.5W Solar Panel 3 Set LED BULB 10pcs*5730SMD 2.9 M Charging Cord with 3 Hub USB/AC/Bulb Sockets.

Dhs. 199.00
1. Sun handle: black aluminum alloy frame, humanized round corner design, will not hurt your hands.
2. Bright and clear: the bulb is enlarged, the lighting is more clear and patchy.
3. LED light-emitting: large area, low light decay, long service life.
4. Upgraded lamp wire: high quality expanded wire, good conductivity and long service life.
5. Wide range of applications: this LED light can be used for emergency lighting, mobile phone charging, and can also be used for stalls and camping.
This solar light is environmentally friendly and safe, meets your daily electricity needs and can illuminate you anytime, anywhere.
Continuous lighting time: 36 hours or more
Protection level: IP65
Light source type: LED
Rated power: 3/5 (W)
Type: solar lighting
Voltage: 6 (V)
Dimensions: 180*125*330MM (mm)
Life: 5000 (h)
Switch type: manual
Rated frequency: 18-180
Sundial: 8
Uses: emergency lighting, mobile phone charging, also benches, camping
Package included:
1 * solar lighting
  • origin
    EN (origin)
    Continuous lighting time
    36 hours or more
  • Protection level
    Light source type
  • Rated power
    3/5 (W)
    Solar lighting
  • Voltage
    6 (V)
    180*125*330MM (mm)
  • Life
    5000 (h)
    Switch type
  • Rated frequency
    Sunshine hours
  • Uses
    emergency lighting, mobile phone charging, also stalls, camping