Portable Solar Energy Kit with 4W Solar Panel 3 LED Bulbs and Bluetooth MP3 Music Player Solar Light

Dhs. 129.00

Portable Solar Light for home lighting and charging mobile phones&FM radio function

1. 3 pcs Super Bright 3W LED bulbs
2. 6V4W  solar panel for quick charge
3. 3.2 V 5500mah rechargeable sealed LiFePo4  battery 
4.Wide voltage range AC 110-240V ,50/60Hz
5.Charging time 10  hours 
6.DC 3 V Output (can charge upto 4 items at one time)
7.Working time :     1 LED bulb   :   20 hours 
                               2 LED bulbs :   10 hours 
                               3 LED bulbs :   5-6 hours  
 8. Mobile phone charging function 
 9. FM Radio function 
solar panel power 6V 4W
Battery 3.2V 5500mAH lead-acid battery
charge time 10 to 12 hours by AC,  
Materia Plastic ABS/Transparent PS
USB output 5V output 
LED Bulbs 3 pcs 3W LED bulbs
 Others Can extra added AC, mobile phone charger,Radio,extra cost