New Best Multi Functional Meat Grinder Universal Food King cooking Good Family Reason

Dhs. 69.00

Product name: Multi-function food processor Function: Chopping vegetables, minced meat, crushed ice, stirring, mixing, etc., all in one machine. Speed control gear: 1 gear Capacity: 1.8L Rated voltage: 220 (V) Power: 250W Stirring blade: 3 three-dimensional stirring blade How to use: Fully automatic Whether plugged in: Yes Main material: stainless steel body PP plastic Features: 1. Large-capacity brand-new plastic to meet more cooking needs. 2. Make delicious at any time. To prevent the hidden danger of food splashing and being cut by the rotating blade, press the button to stir at high speed, and stop running immediately after releasing the hand, without inertia. 3. S-shaped stainless steel blade. Sharp three-dimensional spiral structure, cut layer by layer, twisted out fresh and delicate. 4. Overheating protection system is intimate and reliable. If the motor is overloaded and the motor is overheated, the protection device will be activated to prevent the machine from burning out. 5. Low noise. Planetary gearbox, variable speed structure, stable operation, low noise, powerful cutter cutting. 6. The parts can be removed and washed. Convenient, caring and worry-free. Except for the machine head, all parts can be disassembled and cleaned under water, which is convenient and worry-free.
Material ABS
Installation Countertop
Colour Name Green/Black
What's In The Box 1x Meat Grinder
Energy Used Electric
Capacity 1.8 L
Wattage 250 W