IPL laser hair removal face body laser epilator for women hair remover electric threading machine leg

Dhs. 179.00


1. Advanced IPL technology: IPL pulsed light hair removal technology, long-term inhibition of hair regeneration, 8 weeks cleaning without repetition. 3-5J/cm high-energy flash interface, hair removal effect increased 30% ~ 40%. By transferring energy from the hair section to the hair root, it rapidly increases the temperature of melanin and gently inhibits hair regrowth.

2. Portable design: with sapphire filter, seamless and safe to use. Ergonomic body provides a comfortable feeling. Display LCD screen, thoughtful and practical. Respect the hair cycle, 8 weeks of scientific hair removal, does not violate the law of hair growth and does not damage the sweat circulation.

3. Efficient hair removal: The IPL hair removal system has a large light contact area with the skin and reaches the root of the hair follicle, suitable for hair removal on the back, legs and large areas. Long-lasting, precise and powerful hair removal, painless hair removal, inhibition of hair growth, dark spots, safe and comfortable.

4. Two lighting modes: 2 lighting modes are available, auto flash is suitable for large areas such as thighs and arms, and manual flash is suitable for small areas such as armpits and bikini lines. Suitable for legs, armpits, bikini, arms, lips, forehead hair removal. Automatic light-emitting mode, no buttons needed, suitable for large-area hair removal, such as thighs, arms and backs.

5. 5 kinds of energy intensity: 5 levels of light intensity adjustment to meet your different needs. With skin color detection indicator. Special skin detection system, eye safety system: light only when in contact with skin.


This product is a home hair removal device that adopts five gears mode, which can help users remove hair quickly, gently and without damaging the skin. Ipl technology works by directing melanin into the hair follicle, stimulating a dormant state and effectively reducing hair growth permanently.


Product model: YBJ-Q1

Product material: ABS

Product size: 12.4*8.3*4.85cm

Color box size: 22.6*14.3*8.5cm

Gear: 5 gears

Light output: 3-5J/cm

Bant: 470-1100nm

Number of rounds: 300,000 rounds

Product power: 30W

Input voltage: AC100-240V

Output frequency: 50/60Hz

Output voltage: 12V

Package Included:

1pc * epilator

1pc * scraper

1pc * adapter

1pc * user manual