Intelligent Portable Hot Compress Scraping Cupping Device Breathing Tank Pulling Suction Pressure Relief

Dhs. 59.00
  • Vacuum centrifugal negative pressure air pump, fine 12 levels of strength, can relax muscle and skin, and can give Sha quickly.
  • One click pressure relief - breathing tank pull, easy to meet different needs.
  • Continuous negative pressure output under high energy consumption; Built in high-capacity lithium battery, fully charged, massaged once a day, can be used for more than a week
  • PI conduction heating technology is used to rapidly heat up, apply constant temperature hot compress from point to surface, and gradually spread with the degree of muscle relaxation, so as to effectively eliminate excess lactic acid in muscle
  • Intelligent timing shutdown Intelligent respiratory pressure relief multi gear regulation
  • Apply essential oil and massage for 2-5 minutes before use, the effect is better
Department Unisex
Model Number MZ40189
Model Name Mi VAZA