Crystal Diamond Metal Table Lamp Gold 26X12X12cm

Dhs. 89.00
  • Integrate the concept of the art design and integrate diamond elements into the design of lamps and lanterns. Elegant appearance, shining light, express the unique connotation and artistic temperament of a lamp.
  • A Visual Feast Of Light And Shadow: Multi-sided refraction, creating dreamy light and shadow. Layers of rippled light and shadow, shining like diamonds, create a space for art.
  • No Flicker, Healthy And Eye Protection: Turn on the phone in the camera mode, observe the phone screen, no stroboscopic ripple, soft eye protection.
  • Choose A Different Lighting Environment: Touch 3 levels of dimming, long-press step-less dimming, suitable for any lighting environment.
  • High Quality: The use of optical acrylic lampshade, diamond cutting technology, strong light transmittance, and soft light. Using high-quality hardware through multiple production processes, solid, not easy to deform, and delicate texture.
Colour Name Gold
Model Number RL-TB04
Model Name RL-TB04
Item Qty 1