Automatic Glass Rinser 10 Water Spraying Holes Bar Coffee Cup

Dhs. 49.00

About this item

  • Glass Rinser for Sink: Our glass rinser for the sink looks modern, simple, and elegant, and can be perfectly matched with your home environment. By adopting the technology of a high-pressure jet of water, the glass rinsers thoroughly rinse residue on the cup/bottle in a few seconds. It's functional and attractive. Your friends will wow wonderfully when they visit your home and can't wait to have one.
  • 10 Powerful Water Spraying Holes: Our upgraded cup washer has 10 powerful water spraying holes, providing multi-angle flushing and maximum cleanness by expanding outlet diameter and increasing outlet holes quantity clean your cup in seconds.It will wash quicker and cleaner than a 5-hole nozzle. Energy-saving and water-saving.
  • Easy to Install and Use: Very easy to install with no plumbing knowledge. It only takes you 3 or 5 minutes to install the glass rinser all by yourself. Easy installation with the included supply line and adapter tee for connecting to a 9/16" compression water supply valve. Just one press immediately sprays washing, pick up automatically close.
  • Safe and Wide Application: The glass rinser is made of safe and sturdy food-grade ABS plastic and conveniently rinses any suitable size cups. Such as baby bottles coffee mugs, wine glasses, champagne glasses, juice cups, cocktail shakers, mason jars, etc, as long as the drinkware mouth is between 1 to 3.8 inches in diameter.
  • DIY Replacement: The glass rinser is the perfect DIY replacement part for a soap dispenser, kitchen sprayer, or sinkhole cover, please make sure that the mounting holes are in the correct installation area. Act and get one glass rinser now. Our glass rinser can greatly improve your quality of life!