Smart RFID Car Alarm System – Push Engine Start Stop Button – Transponder Immobilizer Keyless Go Fits for 12v Cars

Dhs. 238.00
  • Universal engine starter switch allows for installation on any vehicle. it comes from. relaxation box, through the connector to push the start button
  • RFID engine lock. Immobilizer, with warded lock card anti-theft function, the system will enter arming mode after 15 seconds automatically when car is stopped
  • With Push Start/Stop Button & keyless go system to start stop your vehicle easier & more convenient, no need to insert the key into ignition cylinder to start or stop the vehicle any more once installed.
  • Compatible with most DC12V cars on the market & professional car alarm installer installation is recommended.
  • When short press cannot start engine in cold winter. Car press and hold on for 3 seconds.

    Main Unit Function
    1. Alarm: Turn ACC off and the car is stopped the system will enter arming mode after 15 seconds automatically.
    2. Disarm: In arming mode, when the responder gets close to the wire circle, the system will sound “Bi, Bi”, which indicates the system is disarm.
    3. Code learning: Press the button on PCB for 5 seconds, when the siren sound one time which indicates the system is learning the mode.
    Instruction Manual

    • Step the brake and press the ignition button.
    • If do not step the brake the sequence of pressing the ignition button is followed as ACC-ON-OFF-ACC-ON.
    • When driving, step the brake and press the ignition button, the engine off.
    • The difference of remote engine start in cold weather and warm weather.
    • In warm weather, press engine start button shortly and the engine will be started.
    • In cold weather, long press engine start button until the engine is started.

    Our push button starts working modes as follows:
    In disarming, push footbrake; press start button one time shortly, car engine is started after 0.5 second. Push button LED is on all the time.
    According to above same meaning, if you want to let engine off, also push footbrake, press start button one time shortly, engine is off, push button LED is still on.
    Without pushing footbrake, you can make a switch among ACC-ON-OFF, press one time, ACC is power, and then press one time, dashboard is power, press it again, power is off, ACC is off.
    In the special situation, you can press start button lonely, because in some time, for example it is hard to start your car under the extreme cold weather in winter, you can start engine by press push button lonely.
    Combined push button start and RFID alarm system, work together well, save much cos