Magnetic Therapy Posture Corrector Supporter Shoulder Back

Dhs. 49.00

Brand new Women Magnetic Posture Corrector Elastic and Adjustable Back Brace Support
12pcs powerful 500 gauss magnets strategically placed magnets target the spine and lumbar region
Fully adjustable waist by velcro tape, comfortable & easy to wear
Supporting design helps correct poor posture
Pulls shoulder back to correct posture
Provides gentle back support
Prevention of adolescent customary humpback & bend down
Hold you in an elegant posture while sitting, walking or standing and make you walk taller and gain confidence simultaneously
Especially beneficial in helping you stand straight
Magnets help soothe pain in the spine and lumbar area
Invisible under clothing, comfortable and light to wear underneath clothes
Ideal for people who suffer from back pain and hunchback, great for office persons