Goui 8000 mAh MBALA.Qi Power Bank With Wireless Charger

Dhs. 299.00
  • Allows charging over short distances without cables
  • Uses a compatible charging pad and device, which are placed on top of the pad
  • Compact design and high capacity make it an ideal travel companion
  • Provides fast charging for any of your USB type c devices
  • Qualcomm 3.0 Technology.

Ultra Fast Wireless Charging

Is just as durable and desirable as the products they serve, if not more so. This mains charger is a powerful beast, being able to provide 18W direct your device enough to satisfy even the most power-hungry of gadgets. Also this stylish accessory, you can charge your compatible smartphones, without the need to plug your device into a wall charger or USB port. Just place down your phone or any Qi-enabled devices on Qi charger.

Qi Standard Technology 

Wireless charging is a technology that allows charging over short distances without cables . Qi is an open interface standard that defines wireless power transfer using inductive charging over distances of up to 4  cm (1.6 inches), and is developed by the Wireless Power Consortium. The system uses a charging pad and a compatible device, which is placed on top of the pad, charging via resonant inductive coupling.

Qualcomm 3.0 Technology 

Charge up to 80% of the battery compatible devices when charging for approximately 35 minutes. Power banks that use Quick Charge are one of the most useful charging electronics that you can use because you’re able to charge your Quick Charge compatible smartphone while you’re on-the-go, while at the same time charging it at a very fast speed.