G-7102A Silicone Dashboard Polish - Jasmine Model Number : G-7102D

Dhs. 49.00
Brand: Getsun Product: Dashboard Polish Car Care Dashboard Cleaner Spray Model Number: G-7102D Scent: Jasmine Product Size: 200ml It contains protective polishing wax specially used for instrument desk. At the time of cleaning, its effect ingredient can form a bright protective film on the surface of instrument desk. The film is not only static-free, UV-cut, anti-aging, but also can prevent all kinds of bacteria from growing, so that it can prevent the infection of bacteria, thus protecting your families' and your health. This product also can be used on the surface of cars, leather, synthetic leather furniture to make them clean and glossy. How To Use: 1. Clears dusts on the object surfaces. 2. Shake up the product 3. Spray it to the surfaces with the distances of 15 to 20cm away 4. Wipe the surfaces with dry cloth later Features: This product adopts the international advanced technology, the water proofing compound can permeate into fibre layer instantly, forming all layer invisible protective film on the surface of object, to be water proof, greaseproof, and antifouling. The film will protect the object from all kinds of dirt and pollution, at the same time does no side effects to its permeability and softness. Directions: Leather, suede, nub buck, shoes in textile materials and all kind of rash guard, hats and gloves, the better water absorption the materials are, the better effects will be. Suede, nub buck, suede shoes, boots and UGG boots have more better effect. Usage: Clean the surface of object, to ensure its cleanses and dry. Shake the bottle evenly, then spray it at the distance of 20 cm. Dry in the sun for 5 minutes, until it is totally dry. Cautions: Shake it evenly. Pressure inside, don't puncture or burn the bottle, and keep it away from fire. Store it in a cool place which below 50c.
Colour Name Green,White,Black
Country Of Origin China
Material Aluminium
Model Name Dashboard Polish Car Care Dashboard Cleaner Spray
Model Number G-7102D
Product Height 5 Cm
Product Length 17 Cm
Product Weight 159 G
Product Width/Depth 5 Cm
What's In The Box Getsun G-7102D ,200ml Dashboard Polish Car Care Dashboard Cleaner Spray, Jasmine