Car Perfume Air Freshener Car

Dhs. 83.00
Air Freshener Mini Clip is a new form of car air-freshener. For starters, the no-leak technology releases the fragrance at a sustained rate over the life of the air-freshener, rather than getting a strong, overpowering burst of fragrance just at the start and have it quickly trail off. Then, it also provides advanced odour elimination technology to truly freshen your car. Feature and Benefits * Suitable for all car sizes * Eliminates odours and leaves a light fresh scent * Long lasting fragrance * Small and easy to use * Easy to install * Lasts up to 30 days How to use: 1. ACTIVATE scent. Firmly flip clip up until it snaps in place. 2. CLIP product to car vent. 3. CONTROL freshness by adjusting scent intensity dial. Flavour: - Gulong Fragrance (Orange) - Lemon Fragrance ( Yellow ) - Gardenia Fragrance (Purple) - Jasmine Fragrance (Green) - Osmanthus Fragrance (Red) - Ocean Fragrance (Blue)